The types of men’s suits and custom tailoring

This element of the wardrobe, as men’s suit, important every little thing! Even a single line can play a decisive role and to give individuality. The modern market offers a huge number of models to suit all tastes and budgets. However, even products from the best fashion houses do not always sit perfectly on the figure, emphasizing its advantages and hiding disadvantages. That is why services such as tailoring of men’s custom clothing, today, is popular. Only a tailor who knows a lot about the business and with certain skills, able to create a true masterpiece for quite reasonable money.

Types of men’s suits

The fashion for men’s suits since their appearance has undergone significant changes. It is believed that the most approximate to the modern mind, they appeared in the early 19th century. It was then that the suit was shaped item of clothing in many institutions and organizations (banks, legal offices, and other). However, for nearly 200 years, the basic details of this element of the wardrobe remain unchanged. If we talk about the classification of men’s suits, it is as such not. Conditionally they can be divided into: business, informal, and suits designed for special occasions. The rules for wearing each of them are dictated by etiquette.

So, an informal men’s suits to wear in cases where going to such events as: a social meeting, a business meeting in an informal setting, a holiday, corporate event and others. Thus the distinguishing feature is not only a style, but also the texture of fabrics.

The classic version of the solemn costume – tuxedos and tuxedos. The costumes designed for wear at official receptions, and can also be appropriate when going to the theater, weddings and other celebrations. As a rule, required the presence of tails, or tuxedo, is prescribed in the invitation.

In many organizations today has a mandatory dress code. So, all the banks public institutions men have to be in a suit and tie. In this situation appropriate only business option. These costumes are also appropriate for business and official meetings.

Why you should give preference to individual tailoring? Let’s start with the fact that the services of tailoring clothes will be much cheaper than buying in an expensive boutique. Besides, in this case, the customer gets the possibility to choose fabric, accessories and even style. Another indisputable advantage is the possibility of manufacturing a custom size in accordance with all the characteristics of the shape. In this case, the customer also can choose the finishes and even the stitching! One more thing. As a rule, the finished product consists of two (максимально3-x items). When you contact the Studio customer can make, for example, an extra pair of trousers of the same fabric . It’s incredibly convenient in those cases where the work activity involves a mandatory dress code. And finally, when ordering a business suit, the customer has the ideal to pick him a shirt and tie. Besides, this is a great opportunity to get advice from an experienced designer in creating a flawless image.