Stylish men’s white suit

Men’s white suits always look stylish and almost always in fashion. The great advantage of white suits is that they practically all go.

With men’s white suits, they can create an infinite number of different images, picking up the colors of the shirt and tie.

Perhaps there is nothing more exciting for a woman’s heart than an exquisite gentleman in a white suit.

Not surprisingly, in the era of black and white cinema, when the costumes of the characters existed only in these two colors, the brilliant hero-lover could always boast of a dazzling white suit.

A single-breasted or double-breasted jacket, classic trousers with arrows, a strict shirt on buttons, a silk tie and a vest — and all this is the noblest and purest of colors known to mankind.

If you want to buy a men’s white suit, it’s important to remember a few rules.

Despite the seeming artlessness, white color is of many different shades.

Of course, the jacket and trousers should be part of the ensemble, and not be purchased separately, hoping that «they are still white».

Even the slightest discrepancies in the shade will strike the eye against the background of other white costume components.

A waistcoat and tie (or only a tie, if you do not wear a vest) can be a little cream or the color of melted milk, but socks are recommended to choose the purest of all shades of white.

In addition, carefully follow the overall tone of the costume: after all, the white color can be either warm or cold colors.

It is necessary to maintain the whole ensemble in a single «temperature» of color.

And, of course, the white suit should be perfectly clean, because even a tiny spot can destroy the image of a brilliant gentleman.
Похожие слова
men’s: варианты перевода
имя прилагательное
male, masculine, men’s, android, virile, manlike
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