In fashion, gray. We select a wardrobe

I think that today’s fashion erases all borders and prohibitions, and it’s really great! Everyone has a chance to prove themselves and show their uniqueness and individuality, which made the color gray, suddenly becoming the favorite of almost all fashion shows for several seasons in a row. We are no longer considered gray mice and blue stockings, even if we put on «fifty shades» from head to toe, no, we will be in a trend and will catch admiring glances, and maybe a little envious. Elongated sweaters, baggy dresses and trousers, sweetshots, bombers and bags, well, a gray voluminous overcoat, is, in my opinion, the object of lust.

Gray, to be sure, the color is unique, it blends well with all colors, some balancing in their riot, others complementing with monotony. In the closet of each of us there is at least one thing from the color of the so-called «shark skin», the thing is universal in its purpose, as it repeatedly saved in the questions «What to dress quickly and with taste?», «What to pick up for new trousers / jeans today / leather skirt? «. And gray accessories in the form of a beret, cap, scarf or stole harmoniously complement and complete any image. So the tip of the day — this season is simply vital to fill up your wardrobe with a couple of things in gray tones.

The desired acquisition for you will be wonderful trousers for medical workers from the team of talented designers «Lechi beautiful» who know how to go beyond the boundaries of everyday life, staying within the professional dress code.