Fur fashion season for men

At the recent London, Milan, new York and Paris weeks, fur fashion designers were presented to an unusual range of fur products for men.

The shows of the best fashion houses revealed the following trends of the new season.

The spirit of a rebel

Leading positions in this direction is a Moto jacket, recently successfully replacing even a classic blazer. And today to the production of such products often use doubleany material. It looks stylish, new, bright.

Fur and knitted fabric

The most stylish trend of the new season – a combination of fur and knit fabric – men’s attaches of the fur sense of luxury. Moreover, this combination is found not only in outerwear – jackets and cardigans, but also in sweaters, jumpers and pullovers.

Different types of fur

The combination of different types of fur with different texture and length of the fibers, that is, apply various fur plates, and now it is present not only in women’s and men’s fashion. Welcome in new directions as well as patchwork and glam rock.

Park fur

Park from fur and leather, with high collar and hood, in the hands of designers turned into a gorgeous and unique product.


Mixing textures of fur in the form of squares, square silhouettes of jackets of different materials – another trend of the season.

Pullover made of fur

Key trend – fur pullover with contrasting textures and a combination of fur and knit.

City life

Perfect for the bustle of the city jackets and coats in the new season stand out contrast-trim collar, cuffs, and edges of flooring.


In men’s fashion as in women’s, I’m getting prints with bright colours, geometric prints and classic sporty style.


As last autumn and winter popular flight of bomber jackets.

Interesting was the more rational option – a combination of a bomber jacket with a baseball jacket.

After a day of skiing

Literal meaning of the expression «après-ski», which gave the name to a new stylish direction.

This is a collection of tones, reminiscent of frost, with a ribbed structure.

The style applies not only to clothes, but also a product that can be worn under a ski jacket.

The style of the 70’s

A definite preference has been given to the new season full of fur products (high-priority trends of the 70s). They are made from long-pile furs rich color and maximum transmitted male irresistibility.

According to the latest fashion trends for men, there are more chances to Express themselves, giving a feel of uniqueness and mystery.