Five male types, which dream women

An eccentric foreigner.

Vegetating in their homeland, too often begins to want to move somewhere where it is always warm. And if you observe their daily routines and way of life, extremely start to want to have an affair with some foreigner, and go out of this. Generally foreigner can be called a universal collective image that is associated most women with a beautiful life. It’s something not absolutely clear, is quite remote and however correct. However, the reality usually is different from illusions. Everyone who was chasing this tale often be left with nothing, especially as men, foreigners often be not so nice and generous, as I imagine many ladies. Many of them are complete opposites of fantasy.

Young talent.

The type of young guy, usually is appealing to women who at the age of. This is a young man with muscular body, good figure and a huge amount of energy. Adult women young lovers – this is a very valuable trophies, which is not ashamed even to show people. In addition, it is also very helpful for their self-esteem the elixir of youth. This desire, according to skilled sexologists is a universal way to overcome the fear of old age.

Bad boy.

Why are you siding with him? It is a question often asked when a good girl starts a romantic relationship with Frank sloven. At the age of eighteen this desire is quite understandable, however, few people understands the desire to escape to the dubious adventures from smoothed as a blueprint adulthood. Psychologists call this the simplest way to relieve tension.

This type becomes particularly attractive if the woman is afraid or suppress some hidden desires or aspirations. There are those ladies who just hope to save this very bad boy, perevospitat it. It is also very beautiful an illusion that often ends up quite sad.

Poor genius.

In our time of rampant slavery office people who are not employed in the Cabinet paper system, by themselves, are women a special interest. Typically, these fantasies involve the typical desire of some women to get rid of boring routine.

A rich daddy.

This types is very common in the fantasies of most women of our time. Most often, this is due to a woman’s desire to further enrich their own life emotionally. However, some psychologists call it just a hidden desire to try yourself in the role of a prostitute.